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Meet the Staff

Rudy Kadlec

Listen to Rudy on-air weekday afternoons from 2-6 pm on CJ 103. Keeping you up to date on the interesting, weird things going on around the world and community events happening in the area.

Mark Kohut

Mark co-hosts the CJ Radio Morning Show with Melissa weekday mornings from 6-10am.

Producer Jeff

If its weather, Jeff has it.  As the producer of the CJ103 morning show, Jeff keeps you up to date with the latest forecast and conditions.  Plus, he punches all the buttons to make Mark and Melissa sound amazing.

Melissa Herbel

Although born in Saskatoon, Melissa has been in Manitoba her entire life.....and knows how to say Hoodie NOT Bunny Hug! Listen to Melissa on the CJ Radio morning show from 6-10 am and during the auction block Monday to Friday. 

Adam Tarnowski

Adam is an account executive for CJ103. Would you like to know more about advertising rates for your business or event? Get in touch with Adam at 204-641-4092. You can also hear Saturday morning on CJ103. Adam also hosts the CJ Radio Classic Country and Oldies Show Saturday at 7pm and Sunday at 5pm. 

Bill Gade

Bill Gade is the General Manager of CJ Radio. 

Heather Reimer

Heather Reimer worked in broadcast news in Brandon and Winnipeg before becoming a freelance online writer and now a reporter for CJ103. She has lived in Virden since 2002 and started a non-profit pet rescue in 2007. When friends asked if she would ever get back into radio news, she laughed and said, "Sure, the day a radio station comes to Virden, I'll go back to radio, ha ha ha." Oops.

Matt Allen

Matt Allen is the News Director for CJ 103. He is in charge of all of the local, provincial and national news updates for the station.

Marsha Gallaway

Marsha Gallaway shares her wisdom, stories and community events Saturdays from 12-4pm on CJ103. 


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